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Buy viagra cialis online canada - Buy generic viagra review


  • We offer watch repair and routine service
  • Clock repair and routine service
  • Watch restoration
  • Antiques and vintage clock restoration
  • Polishing and refinishing services
  • Specializing in titanium refinishing of watch cases
  • Rhodium plating of watch cases
  • Sand blasting
  • Steel case refinishing
  • On the larger scale, we also refresh store inventories


  • Battery changes
  • Bracelet sizing
  • Checking a purchased watch
  • Water resistance test
  • Change strap
  • Authentication

Buy viagra cialis online canada - Buy generic viagra review

  • Technical consulting
  • Identify and report production defects
  • Warranty service
  • S. Fish and Wildlife importations and customs clearance
  • S. Market consulting communications and connections to top Jewelers in North America and the Caribbean


Our mission is to protect the heritage of your watch for generations to come.