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We understand that your Graham watch repair is basically for you and we understand that this worthwhile merit violates when you doubt the value of cash. Our landlord watches try to ensure that your watch can be worn for a long time.

Not only would we have the option of taking measures to keep your watch running for a long time, but we can restore watches with more exciting events. We are pleased to pursue exceptional parts. We have made several corrections and repairs in Graham Watches that others have ceased. No action is too big or too small and we can arrange any watch. Our corrections can be as essential as battery change, pin replacement, or band representation, and can be as trapped as a dial-up patch, with a clean band/case, improved cleaning and redesign and even an exhaustive recovery.

We have a clear method of sending us your watches, our evaluations are free and they have free transport, with little emphasis on whether you reject the measure.


Your GRAHAM watch is an ideal show-stopper of superb nature, savvy in its ability and its style. We acknowledge that finding a trustworthy, dependable watch fix ace shouldn’t be a test; that is the explanation we organization loads of first-class timepieces to maker subtleties, ensuring your GRAHAM watch’s wonderfulness and life expectancy for an impressive time allotment to come.

We are arranged and qualified to play out the going with organizations on GRAHAM timepieces:

Overhaul and substitution of imperfect instrument parts.

Substitution of outside portions including missing push-affixes, broken or broke pearl, broken stem and crown, exchange of broken, thorn, hurt watch lash or wrist knickknack. (all authentic new part)

-Outside therapeutic work containing precision buffing and cleaning strategies.

-Overriding of a battery nearby gaskets and water pressure testing.

GRAHAM Service Recommendations

The time portion that extents between your watch’s fundamental help visits is needy upon different segments, including age, a repeat of utilization, and home help. To keep your GRAHAM luxury timepiece working in a perfect world and looking like new and we recommend having your watch balanced at TIME INNOVATIONS once every four to five years. Since your watch’s internal instruments are constantly running, the parts require typical upgrading and oil to keep them from rusting and seizing. Routine upkeep at TIME INNOVATIONS Service can prevent this from occurring.

Capacity and Experience in GRAHAM Watch Repair

At TIME INNOVATIONS, our watchmaking experts have numerous long periods of experience, yet essential thankfulness for the complexities that incorporate your excess watch. Instead Gotten together with our top tier office and forefront advancement, our arrangement, and characteristic aptitudes suggest that your GRAHAM watches are reliably in the most skillful, careful hands from the precise second you walk around our enticing to watch auto shop. As the owner of such an extraordinary timepiece, you’ll, for the most part, and be instructed seeing any organizations required similarly as looking at measures before work begins. So Watch specialists from wherever all through the world have trusted us with their prized GRAHAM models for a significant long time, and we understand you’ll be happy that you do, too.

Organizations We Provide for GRAHAM Watches

-Battery Change

-Complete Service/Movement Overhaul

-Substitution of any inadequate watch parts

-Analyze whether the watch parts work adequately, and check for rust or wear

-Assemble and oil up the advancement according to the particular documentation

-Improvement exactness check and arrangement if essential

-Demagnetization of the segment

-Glass substitution

-Hands substitution

-Gaskets and seal substitution

-Stem and crown substitution

-Dial substitution or recovery

-Ultrasound cleaning of the case and wrist knickknack

-Watchbands or Strap substitution

-Outside Cosmetics including Buffing, Polishing, and Restoration

-Weight testing to modern office subtleties

Why are GRAHAM Special Watches?

Tightly done by hand for a long time, it is extremely sure that GRAHAM time places in workplaces will own the brand in the Swiss capital of watchmaking. Simply the most important assessment of carbon fiber, steel, valuable sapphire stone, and gold are used to create all GRAHAM passwords. Only an independent association with such a history can display such solids, with certain structures held by important shows returning over 300 years.