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Watchmaking and watch preservation is among the highest level of intricate arts and is considered to be a priceless passion. Time Innovations Inc. dignifies this time-honored tradition by offering premium-quality care service and maintenance for a wide spectrum of Luxury timepieces.

We are an authorized watch center operating in the heart of New York City. Our technicians are world-class experts and technicians who have years of resourceful experience in the industry. From vintage Swiss masterpieces to today’s most complicated Timepieces, our technicians are expert in the art repairing and restoration of all the types of watches.

Every unique timepiece that we offer is a symbol of luxury, class and distinctive craftsmanship. We are excited to play our part in the creation of beauty and luxury in the form of timepieces. Our status as an authorized watch center in the USA has earned us a reputable place among the giants of the watch industry, and we stand proudly with a long list of loyal customers as the hallmark of our success.